Talking to myself

December 10, 2009

If anyone wants to listen in, I’m fine with that.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t go more than two days without posting a blog and I’ve already blown it.  In answer to my harshest critic (me), I present the Day Job Defense.  I know Stephen King taught English and loaded Coca-Cola onto trucks in his early days as a writer but, jeeze, this day job stuff is tiring.  However, I keep myself motivated by constant affirmations delivered by my harshest critic (again, me) that I do my day job extremely well.  I am the Queen of Payroll.  I am the Empress of Accounts Receivable.  I know that any job that one does is worth doing well and you’ll never find me slacking.  My day job keeps a roof over my head and the high-speed internet flowing.  All hail the Day Job.  It’s the manna that sustains most of the brilliant writers I know.

While I’m at it, I might as well give a nod to my weekend job.  I almost shudder to mention it but we’re all friends here, so…I’m a cleaning lady on the weekends.  Someday when The Glendale Witch is a series of hit movies a la Harry Potter and Twilight, my fans will be aghast to know that I vacuumed industrial carpet every Sunday.  Well, that’s okay.  It’s all about the effort, my friends, and it’s all about the heart you put into your effort.  Those of us who are willing to work hard at whatever job it takes to keep frozen burritos in the microwave are the ones who know lasting gratification.

In addition to the Day Job Defense, I present my secondary defense:  Trying to be a writer and trying to be the woman behind a writer.  In my case, they’re inseparable.   I’m one-half of a literary couple and my happiness is complete.  I’m busy getting The Glendale Witch ready for publication while at the same time helping my partner promote his marvelous work of paranormal fiction, Haunting Injustice.  And of course we’re both busy writing flash fiction and other short narratives, and submitting those for publication whenever the opportunity arises.  I like to compare us to Barrett and Browning; he might be more inclined to compare us to Ralph and Alice Kramden but I can’t be held responsible for his delusions.

Long soliloquy short, I’ve been busy.  It’s the Holiday Season and I suspect we’ve all got a lot on our plates, so I’m sure my friends will excuse me more readily than I excuse myself for not updating my blog more often.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Mickey Mills’ upcoming publication of Haunting Injustice at  As soon as I have websites to pimp my novel at, trust me, I’ll be posting those URLs.


4 Responses to “Talking to myself”

  1. theyeard Says:

    I know the story about having to work a day job. Zero fun. But keeping plugging away. Advanced congrats on the impending publication. I checked out “theprodigal scribe” and there’s some good stuff there. Keep talking to yourself and people like me will keep listening.

  2. R. Sims Says:

    Have I told you lately how incredibly , wonderfully awesome I think you are?

    My paltry scribblings have withered away to nothing since I’ve become a yet-again full time student and E-commerce entrepreneur. Although my attempts at putting pen to page were more for my own amusement and amazement, I do miss them so.

    I’ll be watching and waiting for both The Glendale Witch and Haunting Injustice.

  3. Melissa Says:

    I think you are off to a great start Debi!
    And yes, until you become famous, you need that day job..but, like you said, it keeps a roof over your head. 😀
    Keep up the good work!

  4. janet Says:

    Love it — and btw, when you are famous (yes, I said WHEN), the fact that you vacuumed industrial carpets on Sundays at one point will only make you more approachable to your fans. Ya know….one of “us.” 😉

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