Never piss off the neighborhood witch

March 15, 2010

You would think that’s just common sense, wouldn’t you?  But some folks have to learn the hard way that there are some people you simply don’t want to mess with.

Meet Chrissy Planganet, one of those slow learners.  Read what happens when she tries to go toe-to-toe with the local swamp witch in my latest story, “The Conjure Woman of Bayou Torte”, published today on Write-In Magazine.  If you like what you see, please come back and leave a comment!


2 Responses to “Never piss off the neighborhood witch”

  1. Mickey Mills Says:

    I love the story arc and how the witch gets her due in the end.

    Everybody knows a “Chrissy Planganet.” And to watch her get her just desserts is fantastic!

    This is one of your best! You have a knack for bringing characters to life in a living, breathing, technocolor of narration and dialog.

  2. Gwen Mueller Says:

    A case of mistaken identities: will the real witch please stand up?

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