Stolen music

July 1, 2010

We all have them, those songs that are special to us and make us feel rather proprietary about the emotions they evoke. Sad songs, happy songs, love songs of all types – you know the songs I mean. In your heart they are your songs.

Then along comes someone else who claims ownership of your songs and your emotions. Most of the time, I don’t give it a second thought. I know a lot of the songs I love are enjoyed by millions of other people. But sometimes it annoys the hell out of me.

Let’s say for example that my favorite love song of all time is – oh, I don’t know – how about Running Bear sung by Johnny Preston. I’m reaching for the least likely song I can think of, so stop laughing, okay? Anyway, let’s say Running Bear makes me dreamy and misty-eyed over some guy. Every time I hear it, I think of him and I feel like ol’ Johnny Preston was singing directly to me. “Running Bear loved little White Dove with a love big as the sky.” (I asked you to stop laughing.) Then let’s say one day I discover that someone I have reason to strongly dislike feels the same way about “my” song. Not only that, this person has posted it on their own social networking profile page. Oh. Em. Gee.

Luckily, I generally don’t dislike anyone who isn’t a politician and most of the time my dislike is tempered with so much indifference that I could give a shit less what song they post on their profile page. But a couple of times in my life, my dislike has been actively cultivated by someone who has purposely set out to get under my skin. And now they’ve stolen Running Bear.

I swear, it makes me want to scalp the pale face.

One Response to “Stolen music”

  1. Mickey Mills Says:

    It’s felony music thievery I tell ya!

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