Do Overs

August 16, 2010

My Facebook page is pretty much devoted to three categories: My writer contacts, my family (and friends, who I consider in the “family” category) and the animal rights activist groups I belong to. So I was a little taken aback by a non-animal related “serious” post that appeared tonight. The question was, if you could have one do-over in life, what would it be?

Wow. Where to begin? If the sum of our experiences make us who we are as I so truly believe they do, then I wouldn’t take anything back. More time with my mom. More forgiveness for my father. More kisses from my dog Buddy. Yes, I would like all of those things, but would I undo the events of the past to have them? That would be a tremendous moral responsibility. It would be the undoing of much that makes me who I am. So I really don’t know which of these events, if any, I would undo.

Does a do-over haunt you? Is there anything you would undo if you could?


5 Responses to “Do Overs”

  1. Melissa T Says:

    Wow, I think about that one a lot too..and I agree with you. I am what I am because of what I have done, seen, and experienced. The good and the bad.
    Yeah, there are things I think I would NOT do…but then, maybe there would be something I don’t understand now, if I undid my mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn. I loath my Ex, and would never ever be with someone like him again. BUT, I ADORE the four children I had by him, and I know what NOT to marry, EVER again…lol…so even the negative events have a positive. I love who you are Debi, and so…whatever you have been through…it made you a wonderful woman!

  2. I love you past the stars, my little friend! We are the women that we are because of what we’ve gone through, and who would change that if they could? Not me, either. The destination has been worth the journey.

  3. jlschofield Says:

    No. No do overs for me. every single thing I’ve done – including the things I regret – are part of who I am and a part of who my family is. I wouldn’t risk creating a Butterfly Effect and possibly undoing what I have.

  4. Two goes please?

    My first marriage…

    Being “trapped” by a so called “New Age Christian Belief” cult for 6 years…

  5. John H Drake Says:

    There are, for me, a multitude of things that I wish had never happened and forced me to deal with them. Yes, those things definitely made me who I am today…….The good, bad and ugly!
    Would I go back and change them…perhaps one…the demise of my little freind Peppi. These things are irreversible,,,,,,so is it not just a waste of time and energy to contemplate a reversal of our actions at any given time in the past?? Sometimmes we act hastily in traumatic situations, and regret those actions…but…theres no going back. Soo, the ques is…Cowboy up..or lay there nn bleed???

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