November 30, 2010

The Texas wind blew through your hair
And the panhandle laid out before us
And I wondered, why stop?
Why not keep going?
Eat up the highway until it’s gone
And plunge into the Atlantic
Naked and unencumbered.

But the wind blew us back
And the panhandle claimed us
Like the highway that had claimed
So much of our lives
And we died, there.
Naked and unencumbered.


One Response to “Unencumbered”

  1. John H Drake Says:

    made me feel a little sad, fruitlessness of our lives on downer days. I’m having one today!
    It speaks to me of my occupation as a driver. The endless road……..Still wish I was out there!!!
    Crazy hunh…..your EX would understand..I think its a truckers kinda sickness….The desire to keep moving , the returning home, the dying there and no more road. Thats the way it hits me !! Its a great piece, lotsa feeling in it.
    Just a note….seems like you missed “of” between
    much and our…3rd line from the bottom. John

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