A Tree That I Have Seen

January 18, 2011

By Duane Schipper, my father. Originally published in The Malvern Leader, Nov. 23, 1938, when my dad was about 14 years old. Special thanks to my cousin Garry Henry for finding this jewel.

“In the timber where I live, there is a tree in the shape of a cup. The trunk is about 10 feet high, then the branches and limbs go almost straight out for 10 or 12 feet on either side and finally start curving up in the shape of a cup. The tree is about 35 or 40 feet high.

“When this tree was still alive and the leaves would come out every Spring, it would look like a huge cup painted green. Now the tree is dead and it is barren all the time. Just the same, it looks interesting. Someday it will be cut down for firewood and the cup will be no more.”


One Response to “A Tree That I Have Seen”

  1. John H Drake Says:

    I think we all have memories of things
    animal or vegetable, that we found beau-
    tiful and enjoyed them. Apparently, nothing lasts/ lives forever. Gives one a sense of our own mortality. For seventeen years..I had my “Cottonwood”…more than 3 feet in diameter at the base and over 100 ft tall. I wrote a story about it. I told my dghtr and son in law they must not cut it down……..that was a condition of our house swap. Best wishes…….John

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