Tornado Siren, 2011

April 22, 2011

Mickey is in Nashville right now, so I didn’t have to worry about him when the tornado siren went off, but I encountered a totally new and different issue this year:  Recalcitrant pups.

Last year when the sirens began to blare, all I had to do was clip Slevin’s leash on him and lead him down into the basement.  I was completely unprepared for what I faced with both he and Shooter tonight.  Slevin was not going to cross the kitchen linoleum, period.  He dug in and refused to move.  So with the siren wailing in my ears and my heart in my throat, I had to carry my 100-pound darling across the kitchen.  I set him down on the first basement stair and told him to go.  Did he?  Of course not.  Suddenly, Slevin was acting like a dog.  Seriously.  Just like an ordinary, run-of-the-mill dog, not the highly cooperative, intuitive, obedient, intelligent example of canine perfection that I’ve come to expect of him.

Keeping one hand out to block Slevin from coming back up the stairs, I started calling Shooter.  Shooter, who normally comes the minute you breathe, was having no part of the basement either.  I had to grab him by the collar and drag him to the top of the stairs where I was able to lift him up and carry him down into the basement.

About the time we all three got downstairs, the sirens stopped.   And the sun came out.  And somewhere, no doubt, the gods are laughing.  I’m sure my dogs and I put on quite a show, tyvm.

So, what have I learned from all of this?  I’ve learned that both dogs need to be trained to react to a command I’ll only give in emergency situations.  A command that means, “last one into the basement gets sucked into the Whirling Vortex of Death”.  I’m thinking “Toto” would be an excellent command word.

As for Mickey, well, I found out last year that the tornado siren and EBS alerts on the radio are more like “guidelines” to him.  He’s on his own.  After all, I can’t carry him into the basement.  Hmmmm…or maybe, given a megadose of adrenaline,  I can.  Time will tell.

3 Responses to “Tornado Siren, 2011”

  1. Mickey Mills Says:

    Carry me? Highly unlikely.

  2. Don’t put it to the test, darling. ❤

  3. Jan Says:

    i don’t know about the gods, but i sure did

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