If Voldemort had a dog…

April 29, 2011

Voldemort’s dog would look like this:

Voldemort’s dog would snatch magic wands from altars and eat them.

Voldemort’s dog would terrorize the neighborhood cats.

Voldemort’s dog would make life hell for all other canines in the vicinity.

Voldemort’s dog would steal the Dark Lord’s blankets at night and leave his master shivering in the cold.

Voldemort’s dog would pee on the rug, no matter how well house trained it supposedly is.

Voldemort’s dog would eat every book, pillow, cellphone, remote control, sock and pair of sunglasses in the house.

Voldemort’s dog would look a lot like Shooter.

Voldemort would be helplessly in love with the Hound from Hell.

I sympathize with Voldemort.


3 Responses to “If Voldemort had a dog…”

  1. Mickey Mills Says:

    Voldemort can’t have this puppy. Lucifer called dibs on the hound from hell.

  2. Voldemort would kick Lucifer’s butt, lol!

  3. John H Drake Says:

    Voldemort and Shooters master/ mistress
    have my sympathies šŸ™‚

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