The devil’s voice is sweet to hear…

May 9, 2011

The Archangel Gabriel is in a world of hurt.  He’s been on the run with a human child for over ten years, ever since he refused to end her life and take her soul to heaven as directed by God.  But as the girl (whose Chinese name translates to “Shine”) nears puberty, otherworldly influences from both Heaven and Hell force Gabriel toward a battle that will have Universal consequences.

Riding a battered Indian, Gabe and Shine have hidden themselves in some of the darkest corners on earth, running from city to city in order to escape the watchful eye of God.  With his brother Archangels set against him, Gabriel turns to the dark creatures of Hell – specifically, the demon Asmodeus – for help.  Now Shine is a teenager and Asmodeus warns Gabriel that God isn’t the only being interested in her.  His own boss, Lucifer, has his eye on Shine, also.

With his ability to perform miracles diminishing the longer he lives as a human, Gabe stumbles across a young mystic.  Sarah’s past is steeped in abuse, as is the past of the deaf Dogo Argentino who accompanies her.  When the mystic and the dog step into Gabriel’s life, he finds Shine and himself caught up in a series of events that leave him no choice but to finally turn and confront the God he’s been running from.

“Heaven’s Shine” will be the cornerstone novella in an anthology of angel stories I will publish towards the end of 2011.  In the meanwhile, I’ll be publishing it one to two thousand words at a time on my website.   I hope you’ll be intrigued enough to tune in as I unveil the myth of good versus evil in this modern story of urban angels and compassionate demons.


5 Responses to “The devil’s voice is sweet to hear…”

  1. R. Sims Says:

    I am always intrigued with stories that show the “human” side of angels. I look forward to reading more!

  2. Mickey Mills Says:

    I’m am totally jazzed about this project. From the pieces you’ve shared with me, I know your readers will love the world you’ve created. The dynamics between characters, and the yin and yang of good vs. evil are guaranteed to thrill and chill even the harshest reader.

  3. Janet Says:

    Can’t wait ~ but I will. ***trying not to tap my feet impatiently!***

  4. luckyredhead Says:

    Looking forward to this, Debi. “wildirishrose” was taken, so I am lucky redhead here. 🙂

  5. […] the full announcement here.  Her plan is to release Heaven’s Shines in small bites over the next few weeks. The first […]

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